The Website Creating Service / We cover mainly Soka City, Saitama Prefecture and the whole Metropolitan area including Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, etc.



みやびアートデザイン よくあるご質問 FAQ


If you would want to create a website but not know what to do, please feel free to consult with us.

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We cover the whole Kanto area, mainly Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa.



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If you have created a website but not been able to renew it as you wish, we carry out its renewal on your behalf. It is OK if it is not us who originally created the website. Please contact with us.

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We edit your images!
Let's make your favorite photo into the commemorative piece one and only in the world!

-Adding texts
-Changing size
-Correcting colors
-Composing images
-Semitransparent Layer

We meet any other requests as much as we can!

ハンドメイドハウス MOMO

Handmade House MOMO designs and produces various hand-crafted items including the kid's "lesson bag" and items necessary on the kid's entrance of kindergarten/elementary school.

Q.I just want to have a consultation with you...

A.Please feel free to contact us via the Mail Form. At first, we reply to you via mail.
After that, if it would be OK for you, I would like to have a meeting at any convenient place for you such as your office or café, etc.
Even after the meeting, you are free to turn down on us. On such consultation phases, we do not charge you any fee.
Certainly we never induce or pitch any service or product against your will. Please feel relaxed.

Q.I don't have any knowledge of a website at all... / Is it OK even if I do not have any basic idea for a website?

A.Upon the consultation, we start with the planning and the page composition of the entire site.
We propose you the sample design and proceed with the production along with your opinion so please feel relaxed.
It is OK for us even if you would have just vague preference on a color. Please consult with us at first.

Q.Should I prepare any materials?

A.No material is necessary before the consultation. After the consultation, upon the necessity, we would ask you to prepare materials such as the text manuscripts (mainly in the Text or Word format) which you would like to put on your website. It is OK if you would not have any photos or logos. If you would have them, please give us them so that we put them on. You can also let us prepare and design some images necessary for the layout.

Q.How long is the term for the production?

A.For Basic Pack with 5 pages, estimating it roughly, it takes 3 weeks since we receive all the materials.
As it gets shorter or longer according to the circumstance, we give you the detailed term upon the consultation/estimation phase.
Please feel free to consult with us at first.

Q.What is the payment method?

A.We issue an invoice before completing the production. Please make the payment to our designated bank account specified in the invoice.

Q.Can I ask to create images only?

A.We create them to meet your request as much as possible. Please consult with us.

Q.How can I renew the contents after the completion?

A.You can ask us it, too. As Renewal Fee would be charged separately (Example: Basic Renewal Fee is JPY2,800(minimum)/Please click here for the details), please ask us on the estimation phase.

Q.I want to renew it by myself after the completion.

A.You are free to renew your website by yourself after our completion. In case you would not know how to renew it technically, we give you a lecture. Please ask us on the estimation phase.

Q.I want my website to be ranked in the first page on the search.

A.We try to take the best SEO measures so that your website would be well ranked by various search engines. However, it would not be guaranteed that your website would be necessarily ranked well.

Q.Do you handle the adult contents?

A.We are sorry but we do not create or renew the adult contents because a lot of servers do not accept them according to their terms of service.
Furthermore, we are so sorry but we do not handle an affiliate site, a site with religious or political messages, offering any sexual services, multilevel marketing, contents which is apparently illegal and harassing public order and morals. We hope that you would understand in advance this policy of ours.

Q.Will the site increase the sales or attract more customers?

A.We have been making a daily effort so that the website we created would work as effectively as possible. However, it would not be guaranteed that it would contribute to increase sales, customers, website traffic, and popularity and to improve the image.