The Website Creating Service / We cover mainly Soka City, Saitama Prefecture and the whole Metropolitan area including Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, etc.



みやびアートデザイン 制作のながれ


If you would want to create a website but not know what to do, please feel free to consult with us.

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We cover the whole Kanto area, mainly Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa.



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If you have created a website but not been able to renew it as you wish, we carry out its renewal on your behalf. It is OK if it is not us who originally created the website. Please contact with us.

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We edit your images!
Let's make your favorite photo into the commemorative piece one and only in the world!

-Adding texts
-Changing size
-Correcting colors
-Composing images
-Semitransparent Layer

We meet any other requests as much as we can!

ハンドメイドハウス MOMO

Handmade House MOMO designs and produces various hand-crafted items including the kid's "lesson bag" and items necessary on the kid's entrance of kindergarten/elementary school.

The workflow of creating a website is as follows. It differs a little according to a request so please ask us anything not clear to you.
(About editing images, creating a banner, supporting a blog, please ask us via a separate section)

1. Inquiry (Free of Charge)

Please contact with us via Inquiry Form. We will reply in 2 working days.

2. Consultation/Hearing (Free of Charge)

To begin with, we ask your requests.
* You can consult with us by mail or phone.
* Depends on your location, we would like to have the opportunity to meet face to face with you and to hear your requests directly.

3. Estimation (Free of Charge)

Upon the consultation, we submit a rough estimation of fees.

4. Order

In case the estimation would be acceptable for you, we take your order and start the production. About details, we would proceed the production along with close consultations with you so please do not worry.

5. Your submission of the manuscript

We ask you to give us a manuscript (in a Word file, etc.) which you would like to put on the website. If any, please give us any other materials such as photos or the logo.
* In case you would not have any photo, we prepare the fitting one.

6. Design proposal

We create designs of the top and other pages. About the modification, we discuss with you mainly in this phase.

7. Page creation

We create the website according to the designs.

8. Your check

As we tentatively upload the website to a provisional server, you can check the contents during this pre-completion process.

9. Completion/Uploading

Upon your payment of the fees, we upload and release your website on the designated server. (Upon your request, we can submit the contents in data forms like CD-R)
Thus the offer is completed.