The Website Creating Service / We cover mainly Soka City, Saitama Prefecture and the whole Metropolitan area including Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, etc.



みやびアートデザイン 制作料金


If you would want to create a website but not know what to do, please feel free to consult with us.

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We cover the whole Kanto area, mainly Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa.



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If you have created a website but not been able to renew it as you wish, we carry out its renewal on your behalf. It is OK if it is not us who originally created the website. Please contact with us.

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We edit your images!
Let's make your favorite photo into the commemorative piece one and only in the world!

-Adding texts
-Changing size
-Correcting colors
-Composing images
-Semitransparent Layer

We meet any other requests as much as we can!

ハンドメイドハウス MOMO

Handmade House MOMO designs and produces various hand-crafted items including the kid's "lesson bag" and items necessary on the kid's entrance of kindergarten/elementary school.

Here are fees of creating and renewing a website.
(About editing images, creating a banner, supporting a blog, please ask us via a separate section)

Basic Pack

Basic Fee JPY56,000(minimum) Total 4 pages (+Set-up of a free blog)
Additional Pages, if any + JPY8,000(minimum) per page *1
Free of Charge Option JPY0 Set-up of a contact mail form, contract and management of a free blog on the client's behalf, Set-up of a map, Set-up of an access analyzer, Registration on the search engine. We give these services for free of charge.
Production Term About 3 weeks
*It gets shorter or longer according to the contents and the circumstance.
Option You can add some services upon your necessity.
(Fees =Please refer to the list in the following Original Course)

Original Course

Upon your request, we estimate the fee, combining several options. We charge no fee for the consultation and the estimation. Please feel free to contact us.

Basic Fee JPY30,000 for 1 item (including Planning, Composing, Designing and 3 Hour Consultation)
Creating Top Page JPY12,000~ / 1P  *2
Creating other pages JPY8,000(minimum) per page   *1 *2
Set-up a blog JPY0 (Set-up of a free blog on the client's behalf)
Set-up a map JPY0 (embedding the Google Map)
Set-up a contact mail form JPY0 (in a separate page)
Set-up an access analyzer JPY0
Registration on the search engine JPY0
Creating a banner JPY2,000(minimum)
Editing an image JPY2,000(minimum)
Opening Flash JPY12,000(minimum)
Supporting the contract a domain/server JPY20,000(minimum)
Supporting the set-up a mail account JPY12,000 per address
Set-up a movie, music, etc. Please consult with us.
Production Term About 3 weeks (It gets shorter or longer according to the contents and the circumstance.)
Shopping Cart Sorry but we do not set up a shopping cart and an electronic payment transaction system.
Membership Website Sorry but we do not handle a system regarding the member information.

*1 Basically about 2 pages of A4-sized sheet is regarded as "1 page".
*2 The fee of editing images used on the pages and the cost of obtaining images for decoration are included in these fees. So any extra fees would not be charged.

Renewal after the completion

We carry out the renewal after the completion. Please feel free to ask us.

Basic Renewal Pack
(Basic Renewal Fee)
JPY2,800 per time
Renewal with 3 modifications/additions of texts + 3 simple editions/replacements of images
*This is the basic fee of the renewal (modification) of the website.
Adding pages (Usually) JPY8,000 per page
(Regularly) JPY4,000 per page (in case that a page with the same layout would be added on regular basis, like a page featuring new items of the month)
Extra renewals Correcting texts JPY500 per part (basically paragraph)
Correcting images JPY1,000 per image
*These fees would be charged in case that the corrections exceed the limit of Basic Renewal Pack. As it differs according to the contents, please consult with us about the estimation.
Lecturing how to renew by yourself
(at your office/house)
We visit a convenient place for you (like an office or house) and give a lecture how to renew the website by yourself.
JPY8,000 + a transportation expense per time (maximum 3 hours)